We realize that some of our customers may want to pay for their order by check or money order or choose not to use credit cards on the internet. The Molecular Enhancer and the other products offered on this website may be ordered via mail or fax by downloading our order form

To help calculate shipping, please use the map below to determine if you are Western US or Eastern US.  Shipping costs for Western US for:  Molecular Enhancer $200 – Bulb $35 – Conversion Kit $45 – Copper $8.  Shipping costs for Eastern US for: Molecular Enhancer $230 – Blub $45 – Conversion Kit $55 – Cooper $10.

Molecular Enhancer Conversion Kit

In 2006, we upgraded the Molecular Enhancer to include a Fan-Cooler Assembly which gives the Enhancer a longer running time. We are glad to be able to offer this kit to those users who have one of the older versions of the Enhancer and would like to upgrade.

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